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    1947 Foundation of TRM and commencement of production of construction and customized castings.
    1953 Installation of Europe's largest electrical annealing furnace at TRM AG in Hall. Acquisition of the license to manufacture nodular cast iron from Mond Nickel Co..
    1954 Production range extended; the first DN 500 pipes leave the company. First lance injector patented; invented by TRM director Dr. Schreiber.
    1957 Commissioning of the most modern rail system in Europe for the production of sewage pipe fittings.
    1958 Commissioning of the most modern roller track system for the production of pressed fittings.
    1961 Commissioning of the new centrifugal casting machine for DN 300 to DN 500.
    1965 Expansion of production capacity through the new centrifugal casting machine: DN 150 to DN 250.
    1969 The 500,000th meter of nodular cast-iron pipe leaves TRM, destined for the city of Vienna, on March 11, 1969.
    1970 Series production switched from gray cast iron to nodular cast iron.
    1975 Introduction of the VRS restraint connection.
    1980 Introduction of zinc spraying with 120 g/m2 zinc and a bitumen top coat for pipes.
    1982 Development of sewage pipes made from ductile cast iron. Introduction of cement mortar lining in water supply pipes.
    1986 Development of a product range for snow making equipment and initial production of cast-iron driven piles.
    1988 Introduction of powder coating for fittings.
    1993 FM certification for fire-extinguishing pipes (Factory Mutual).
    1996 Introduction of zinc spraying with 200 g/m2 zinc and a polyurethane top coat for pipes.
    2001 Commissioning of a pipe-annealing furnace.
    2003 Introduction of the VRS-TIROFLEX® restraint connection.
    2007 Commissioning of a powder-coating plant (fluidized-bed coating) for fittings.
    2008 License obtained for the "Association for High Quality Corrosion Protection of Valves and Fittings with Powder Coating (GSK)".
    2010 Commissioning of the centrifugal pipe casting machine.
    2011 Installation of the machining systems for fittings.
    2012 German construction license for ductile piles obtained.
    2013 Introduction of the conical pile shoe for cast-iron driven piles.
    2015 Extension of testing and laboratory facilities in the field of "research and development".
    2018 Expansion of production by a spacial production unit for cement-coated pipes
    2018 Opening of the "Tech-Center" as a training center in the factory.
  • Employees of Tiroler Rohre
    Employees of Tiroler Rohre
    Ductile piles from TRM in deployment
    Ductile piles from TRM in deployment
    End checks at Tiroler Rohre
    End checks at Tiroler Rohre
    Quality on the conveyor belt
    Quality on the conveyor belt
    Production hall
    Production hall