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  • Our mission statement

    Our company

    We see ourselves as a Tyrolean manufacturer with a long-standing Tradition specializing in pipe and pile systems made of ductile cast iron for the water industry and for deep foundation engineering. We operate worldwide and have our core market in Europe. Since 1947, we have focused our activities on quality, safety, mutual trust and respect. We see ourselves as a reliable and competent partner in a wide range of applications within our industry; a view that is shared by our partners.

    Our core competences

    Tiroler Rohre GmbH develops, produces and markets high-quality pipe and pile systems made of ductile cast iron for the transport of water and for deep foundation engineering. We make a significant and sustainable contribution to the establishment and operation of high-value infrastructures in the supply of drinking water and disposal of waste water. With our pile systems we provide our partners with customized and economical Solutions for the deep foundations of structures.

    Our products and services

    Our products are high-performance, sustainable and robust. They stand out particularly due to their ecological and economical benefits. The features of ductile cast iron and our expertise in all fields of applications enable us to overcome even extreme challenges. Due to our high competence, willingness and reliability, we are a powerful and long-term partner.

    Our corporate culture

    Our employees are our most valuable asset. They distinguish themselves by their loyalty, sense of responsibility,creativity and innovation. With their know-how and their dedication, they are the key to our success and they identify themselves with the company. We give them responsibility and enable them to improve their skills and qualifications. Our corporate culture is based on open communication, trust and honesty. The lean company structure ensures flexible and swift response.

    The environment and our social responsibility

    Produced in an ecological cycle, our products go a long way towards protecting our environment. Water is the world's most important food. The use of our products ensures a sustainable contribution to the responsible use of this valuable resource. At our location, we are considered to be an attractive employer and an important player in the local economy.

    Our future

    We are a market driven company and generate our profits in accordance with our mission statement. Profits are the basis for our investment activities. We invest in the further development of our products and services, thereby protecting jobs and ensuring the future of our company.

  • Large range of pipes and connections in stock
    Large range of pipes and connections in stock
    Scrap metal is recycled
    Scrap metal is recycled
    Liquid metal in processing
    Liquid metal in processing
    The company headquarters in Hall in Tirol
    The company headquarters in Hall in Tirol