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Universally deployable and environmentally sound

Ductile piling technology from TRM is used in many areas of application:

Structural engineering

Foundation of buildings in gaps: Advantages through mobile equipment and short execution time in inner-city districts. The execution of wall-thickness pile structures leads to important savings in foundation concrete.

Industrial construction

Foundation of prefabricated halls: Safe load transfer through piles integrated in small bucket foundations. Excellent suitability for lightweight structures with sensitivity to subsidence and in particular subsidence differences. Wind and supporting structure loads are safely transferred to the building ground.


Foundation of bridge abutments: simple and fast building site movement. Torques are transferred through pile bents, and horizontal forces are transferred through inclined piles.

Pipeline on pile

Foundation of pipelines: in soils with modest load-bearing capability to prevent intolerable subsidence in pipeline and hydraulic construction. Software-supported dimensioning of pile-supported pipeline systems.

Slope reinforcement

Reinforcement of slopes with a high risk of slides, ski run preparations. As a supporting or urgent measure, piles can be inserted vertically up to almost horizontally to achieve stability.

Silo foundation

Foundation of silos, rotating tower cranes, pylons and transmission poles: Compression and tensile load. High buildings exposed to cyclical wind loads are founded on pile bents with additional tensile reinforcement.

Construction pit reinforcement

imRetaining walls in the vicinity of existing structures. The piles integrate in the stable ground underneath the construction pit bottom; their heads are connected to an anchored reinforced concrete slab.

Buoyancy protection

Foundation of sedimentation tanks, subways and construction pits in the groundwater fluctuation range. The concrete floor is buoyancy-protected by an additional tensile reinforcement embedded in concrete. 

Retrofit foundations

Underpinning of existing buildings: In halls and buildings, old foundations are reinforced or new foundations are retrofitted to support additional loads when the working height is limited.