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  • Ductile cast-iron piles

    The construction industry needs simple, safe and universally usable prefabricated driven pile systems. TRM's solid full displacement pile is driven into the ground and effectively transmits the forces from the building into the ground. With ULS (Ultimate limit state) up to 2.400 kN, the ductile pile is an economical alternative for many deep-foundation methods. The original Plug&Drive® connection system ensures that connections can be made quickly and pile lengths varied without requiring additional working time or cost. Its easy set-up on the building site means the TRM system is not just an ideal solution for medium-sized and smaller construction projects. With its high productivity, it is also an economic solution for large projects. The load is transferred by end-bearing pressure in ungrouted point-bearing piles and/or additionally by pile skin friction in grouted piles.

    The benefits

    Cost-effective building site set-up through the use of lightweight and mobile standard equipment.

    • Higher corrosion resistance than steel.
    • Safe adjustment of the pile lengths to the changing construction ground conditions. Demonstration of the exterior load-bearing capacity
      during the driving process.
    • Plug&Drive®: Fast and force-locking connection of the individual pile tubes without any special tools or welding.
    • Almost vibration-free driving: Center distance to existing buildings from 40 cm, pile preparation possible even in confined conditions.
    • Excellent cost efficiency: Low investment costs, high productivity – more than 400 running meters per day.
    • No additional costs for the disposal of debris or reworking of pile heads; no trimming losses.

    Pile tubes with a length of 5.0 meters

    The pile tubes, made of ductile cast iron, feature a conical spigot and an exactly fitting plug-in socket. They are joined to form a continuous pile of any length.

    • Efficient transport and simple building site logistics
    • Safe handling
    • Any pile length possible, no restriction, force-locking plug-in socket
    • The driving process with high impact energy produces a rigid, torsionally stiff connection between the pile tubes.
    • Fast connection of the individual elements through simple plug-in system
    • No special tool and no welding
    • Flexible adjustment to the ground: Safe extension of the pile shaft

    Complete product range

    The pile system includes all accessories for pile toe and pile head formation as well as the fitting pile caps for any hydraulic hammer.

    • Pipeline on pile: Pipe tube rests for pipelines with diameter 200 to diameter 500
    • Pile shoes and pile tips for grouted and ungrouted piles
    • Coupling sleeves to connect shortened piles when the room height is limited
    • Use of standard construction equipment
    • Due to the concentrated driving energy applied to the pile tubes, installation with a lightweight and mobile excavator with a hydraulic blow hammer is possible even in restricted spaces.
    • Fast and simple set-up on the building site
    • Low investment costs
    • Small space requirement and hardly any requirements regarding the piling platform

    Ungrouted and grouted piles

    Depending on the properties of the ground, ductile piles can be prepared without grouting (end-bearing pile, either filled with concrete or not) or with grouting (skin friction pile, grouted and filled).

    Full displacement pile

    The pile shoe forms the basis for the pile tubes, which are inserted into the conical socket of the element previously driven in, and driven into the construction ground to the final depth by displacing the soil. The excess length is cut off so that the pile is level with the planum.

    • No debris and therefore no disposal costs
    • No reworking of the pile heads
    • No trimming losses: the excess length is reused as a first pile pipe
    • No unusable sections: preparation in the finished advance excavation
    • No change in the groundwater balance

    Synchronous grouting

    The pile shoe forms an annular space along the entire pile tube circumference. During driving, it is continuously grouted with mortar by means of a pump.

    • Short construction times
    • High production performance – 200 to 400 m per day
    • Optimization of the pile lengths through soil compaction and interlocking with the soil
    • No regrouting required
  • Driven piles made of ductile cast iron
    Driven piles made of ductile cast iron
    Also suitable for difficult terrain
    Also suitable for difficult terrain
    The TRM pile system in operation
    The TRM pile system in operation
    Highly versatile
    Highly versatile
    Demonstration of the exterior load-bearing capacity
    Demonstration of the exterior load-bearing capacity
    The first cylindrical pipe section receives a cut
    The first cylindrical pipe section receives a cut