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  • Successful application over more than 5 million meters

    The pile tubes are offered in two diameters, 118 mm and 170 mm, with wall thicknesses of 7.5 mm to 13.0 mm. Filling or grouting is usually carried out with concrete of strength categories C20/25 or C25/30.

    • Structural design according to national and international rules
    • Corrosion proofing by means of grouting

    Measurements on sensitive building sites repeatedly demonstrated the low-vibration insertion. The measured vibration values of ≤ 2 mm/sec were always only a fraction of the permissible values.

    • Pile preparation possible up to a center distance of 40 cm from the existing structures

    Ductile piles are driven in to the final depth, which is determined on the basis of the penetration resistance. The measured penetration resistance is used as a criterion for the load-bearing capacity of the layers of soil that are approached.

    • Adjustment of the pile length to the ground conditions actually encountered
    • Proof of the exterior load-bearing capacity during preparation
    • Load-bearing capacities of up to 300 kN/m2
    • Correlation between piling times and permissible skin friction values

    The soil is displaced laterally, so no debris is excavated. The manual activities are limited to minor physical work and safe interventions.

    • Reduced accident risk



    Below you will find an overview of international reference projects involving our pile systems made from ductile cast iron.



  • Installation of solar panels
    Installation of solar panels
    Wind park at Poysdorf-Wilfersdorf
    Wind park at Poysdorf-Wilfersdorf
    Low-energy building, Grimming Spa
    Low-energy building, Grimming Spa
    Noise insulation walls along the Brenner Axis
    Noise insulation walls along the Brenner Axis
    Flood defenses at Leutascher Ache
    Flood defenses at Leutascher Ache