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  • Fire-extinguishing pipes

    Efficient and durable extinguishing equipment is needed in order to ward off human and economic disasters in tunnel installations. Pipelines made of ductile iron to carry extinguishing water are non-flammable, they absorb stress and, if an emergency occurs, they provide a reliable supply of water for fire fighting.

    Due to their high safety reserves, our ductile cast-iron pipes are used for fire extinguishing systems at airports and industrial facilities as well as in road and railway tunnels. Ductile cast-iron pipes with a VRS®-TIROFLEX®/BLS connection ensure maximum load-bearing capacity combined with trouble-free laying.

    TRM's pipe systems stand out for the following properties, among other things:

    • Nature of the system: all from one casting, pipes and fittings
    • Inside lining: guaranteed, germ-free transport of drinking water
    • Outside coating: sustainable design thanks to zinc, PUR, epoxy or other coatings
    • VRS-Tiroflex® connection: restraint connection, unique worldwide in terms of its flexibility, robustness and resistance to pressure and fracture

    What TRM offers:

    • Operating pressures of more than 100 bar
    • Triple security of the wall of the pipe (three times security wall thickness)
    • 1.5 times security of the connection systems
    • Heat-resistant, non-flammable pipeline material
    • Fire-resistance for 60 minutes at 900°C
    • High mechanical load-bearing capacity
    • Bendable connections with high-tensile strength
    • Experience from the laying of over 400,000 m of fire-extinguishing pipeline
    • Tested product quality (ISO 9001, MPA NRW, FM Approval, DB Licensing, MA 39)
    • Consultancy during the planning stage and training in laying by experts




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