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    Sewage pipes deliver sewage safely to the sewage treatment plant, representing an effective barrier against groundwater contamination. The high durability and flexibility, even in extreme situations, ensures lifelong reliability.

    While sewage is aggressive, it does not pose any problem to ductile sewage pipes from TIROLER ROHRE GmbH. Special inner coatings, made from high-alumina cement, for example, are available in accordance with the sewage parameters. The pipes and connections are also immune to the effects of acidic, lime-loosening or sulfate-rich sewage. The resistance to abrasion of the inside lining is even guaranteed at high flow speeds, such as those which may occur in steep sections.

    TRM's pipe systems stand out for the following properties, among other things:

    • Nature of the system: all from one casting, pipes and fittings
    • Inside lining: an inner lining which is resistant to attack from chemicals in order to drain sewage away safely
    • Outside coating: sustainable design thanks to zinc, PUR, epoxy or other coatings
    • VRS -Tiroflex® connection: restraint connection, unique worldwide in terms of its flexibility, robustness and resistance to pressure and fracture

    Special solutions available on request!

    What TRM offers:

    • Support through trained and experienced employees, as well as technical service during all phases of a pipeline project
    • Optimum flexibility and capacity to deliver through an appropriate stock of standard products
    • Tried-and-tested quality for decades
    • Certified for conformity with ISO 9001 




  • Sewage pipes
    Sewage pipes
    Sewage treatment plant
    Sewage treatment plant
    Resistant to caustic sewage
    Resistant to caustic sewage