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  • It is our duty to act sustainably and conscientiously

    Water is the world's most important nutritional resource. Through our role in water supply as well as in the disposal of wastewater, we feel particularly obliged to safeguard the environment and to use resources sparingly.

    Through the deployment of our products, we make an active contribution towards economic and ecological sustainability in the water industry. These principles determine how we design our products, services and corporate processes. Our company is regarded as an interesting employer and as a responsible partner in our social environment.

    Here is a real example of how our company acts sustainably: Scrap iron is turned into high-grade pipes and fittings for the international housing water industry. Consequently, TRM makes a contribution towards active environmental protection because, in so doing, we put over 5% of the scrap iron accruing in Austria to a meaningful use.



  • Pipeline system in agriculture
    Pipeline system in agriculture
    TRM utilizes 5% of the scrap iron in Austria
    TRM utilizes 5% of the scrap iron in Austria