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Revitalizing of the water power plant Friedrich in St. Michael

The water power plant Friedrich in St. Michael took its 30st anniversary as a reason for realizing a total makeover of the facility. The big project started in June 2017 and has been finished in September 2017. As part of this...avanti »

TRM Piling Systems received EPD

After long and intense preparatory work TRM Piling Systems achieved to receive the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). The EPD is a statement which sums up all important product related environmental factors in order to make...avanti »

TRM Piling Systems on road to success in South Africa

In summer 2017 a further piling project could be realised in South Africa. This time the mission was the foundation of 38 Transmission Towers with a height up to 60 m. Special challenges with this task were the...avanti »

Assured drinking- and wastewater supply – Feldkirchen is upgrading

A pipe-network-calculation of the company SETEC revealed that the main pipeline within an area of the community of Feldkirchen had been rated too low. This calculation also took all factors such as the dimension of the pipes,...avanti »

TRM – the best choice also for ÖBB – Infrastructure AG

The ÖBB – Infrastructure AG ran some modification measures within the area of the community Wolfsberg. Herby, some main collector channels as for example the main pipe system of the community and the system of the paper fabric...avanti »

Water turns into energy – clean electricity for Dorfgastein

In order to ensure a sustainable supply of electricity to about 1,000 houses the ÖBf AG decided to construct a new water power plant within the area of Dorfgastein. The creation of this new power plant was regulated by various...avanti »

TRM Piles used for bridge construction in Southafrica

Earlier this year, construction works of a new deal in South Africa commenced. The project “Val de Vie Bridge” near Paarl, Western Cape presented itself as a highly demanding geotechnical pilling challenge for both, TRM and the...avanti »

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