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Alpine SKI Championship 2017 – we are part of it!

Already back in 2014 the project St. Moritz, where we worked closely together with our retailer in Switzerland – the Hagenbucher Group and our partner DemacLenko had its beginning.


Central aspects of this assignment were not only to cut down the time needed for the technical snow making, but also to put priority on the sustainability of this project and the minimization of the environmental influence.


Therefore, in order to connect all these factors, new and innovative solutions had to be created and realized. Hereby, the cooperation with long-time and well known partners was of course useful and beneficial.


Moreover, we were able to provide lots of knowledge as we already have more than 30 years of experience within the technical snow making industry. About 300 km of our snow pipes are installed every year. This fact makes us, in combination with the high quality of our products and their easy assembly, to the leader within this branch.




Mario Ruggenthaler
Vertrieb Tirol
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