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Assured drinking- and wastewater supply – Feldkirchen is upgrading

A pipe-network-calculation of the company SETEC revealed that the main pipeline within an area of the community of Feldkirchen had been rated too low. This calculation also took all factors such as the dimension of the pipes, their placement as well as the data about pressure and volume of the whole network into consideration.

Hence, in order to be able to guarantee the supply of water and wastewater within this area, an expansion of the existing system has been decided. Also included into this project is commissioning of the new pumping station located in the backyard of Feldkirchen.

The overall volume of this project is estimated with approximately 1 000 000 Euros and should be carried out until 2020.

 The company CCC Ziviltechniker GmbH, responsible for the whole planning and management of this project, decided to realize this project with us as their main pipe supplier. They chose our GGG pipes with the dimensions DN 200 (for 2122 m), DN 150 (for 2370 m) ad DN 100 (for 4998 m).

 The challenge hereby will be that during the whole construction period, the water and wastewater supply of the region has to be secured. Therefore, lots of detailed plans have been developed in order to guarantee the supply and also not to influence the traffic within the area by at the same time to not differ from the scheduling.




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