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Bergbahnen Werfenweng installed snowmaking system

In the summer of 2018, the Werfenweng mountain railways installed a new snow-making system in the Austrian province of Salzburg. This should increase the reliability of the snow. To meet the requirements, a snowmaking water storage system with a capacity of 107,000 m³ was created. In order to transport the water to the 70 tapping points of the snowmaking equipment, pressure pipes of Tiroler Rohre GmbH with varying sizes of DN 150 to DN 400 were laid. A total of 6,500 m of ductile piping and once again as many running meters of air ducts were installed in this project. In order to control and supply the snowmaking systems, Bergbahnen Werfenweng laid 60,000 m of power and control cables. After the successful completion of the construction works, the guests will have access to the 10 different cable cars as well as perfectly snow-covered slopes.


Igor Roblek

Vertrieb Kärnten, Salzburg
T +43 (664) 4008848
E igor.roblek@trm.at