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Meet us at ÖVGW 2014!

21.05.14 bis 22.05.14 / Salzburg: Hall 12, booth C1

The Gas and Water Congress is being organized by the Austrian Association for Gas and Water (ÖVGW) and will be held in the Salzburg Exhibition Center. It brings together gas network operators, drinking water suppliers and industry specialists for professional discussion and exchange. In 2014 the organizers expect to see a further rise in visitor figures from home and abroad at the annual congress, where 750 experts exhibit. Pivotal to the congress are forward-looking ideas and services from both sectors. Innovations in the industry are discussed by representatives from the gas and water sectors, as well as by people from scientific and political backgrounds, and joint solutions are sought. Tiroler Rohre is looking forward to the professional discussions at the 2014 ÖVGW annual congress in Salzburg.

For further information, go to http://www.ovgw.at/m/vs/v/mdetails?uid:int=12824