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Parndorf receives new water pipes

As of November 2017, Tiroler Rohre GmbH (TRM) was able to implement an interesting water pipeline project in northern Burgenland. The water association "Wasserleitungsverband nordisches Burgenland" commissioned PORR Bau GmbH with the civil engineering work, which in turn made use of TRM's proven pipe systems. The project envisaged the transfer of the existing lines in the area ÖBB-crossing of the federal highway B50. This was necessary due to the planned rebuilding of a road bridge in this area. A renovation was necessary because of the pipeline age and the risk assessment of the PIREM study of the TU Graz. Another aspect that spoke for the relocation was a simplified maintenance of the pipes in the future.

To cover the drinking water requirement, ductile iron pipes with a diameter of DN 300 were chosen. On the inside, these pipes are provided with cement mortar lining and outside with zinc and PUR-TOP coating. The long-lasting cement mortar lining, as well as the full galvanizing and top coating of the delivered material ensure the sustainability of the investment. A total of about 530m of pipe was laid with the restrained VRS-T socket joint and 240m pipe with conventional TYTON socket joint.



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