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Revitalizing of the water power plant Friedrich in St. Michael

The water power plant Friedrich in St. Michael took its 30st anniversary as a reason for realizing a total makeover of the facility.

The big project started in June 2017 and has been finished in September 2017. As part of this revitalization the owner of the plant decided to exchange the existing pipe system in order to extend its capacity. Hence, the existing pipes have been replaced by new restrained TRM ductile iron pipes with the dimensions DN 250 over a length of 1500 m. Thus, the performance of the power plant had been raised up to 100 kW resulting in a yearly electricity generation of 650 000 kW/h.

In addition to that, also the pipes for the snow making systems, which are located next to the plant, have been included into the project. Hereby, the whole power plant control systems including the turbine have been replaced.




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