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Symposium Trenchless

06.03.18 bis 07.03.18 /

The dialogue platform of the trenchless industry

Every year, the Symposium Trenchless offers representatives of the public sector, planners and expert companies the ideal competence and dialogue platform to learn about innovations and trends in the trenchless industry. The trenchless symposium will be accompanied by the largest exhibition in German-speaking countries in the field of trenchless pipeline installation.
The next Trenchless Symposium will take place on 06th & 07th of March 2018 in Loipersdorf. The “Impuls Quartier Loipersdorf” hosts the next trenchless highlight, which will be organized as a two-day conference with numerous additional offers. 

Presentation TRM:  Trenchless installation with ductile cast iron pipes

 Lecture:                   Ing. Carina Kirchmair / Engineering 

                                  Tuesday, 06.03.2018 at 04:00 p.m.

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