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Water turns into energy – clean electricity for Dorfgastein

In order to ensure a sustainable supply of electricity to about 1,000 houses the ÖBf AG decided to construct a new water power plant within the area of Dorfgastein. The creation of this new power plant was regulated by various official guidelines in terms of sustainability and ecological standards. This plant should help to save more than 3,400 tons of CO2  – emissions per year.


The organizer of this project, the ÖBf Waterkraft GesmbH, decided to realize it together with us, the TRM, as their partner. Regarding the material, the planers chose our TRM pressure pipes with the dimension DN 500 and our VRS-T connection. As due to the usage of our product through the whole course of 1,600 meters, no additional fittings have been needed, resulting in an overall reduction of project costs.


Technical Details:

  • Capacity                                  1.099 kW
  • Generating capacity                  4.050 MWh
  • Pressure pipe                           TRM ductile iron pipe, 1.600 m, DN 500
  • Dropping height                        270 m
  • Water flow                                500 l/s
  • Turbines                                   1x Pelton, 4 jet Units
  • Construction time                      Mai – July 2017
  • Minimum residual flow according to the latest legal requirements.


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