Alte Zimmerei Lonsee - Sustainable apartments

Lonsee, Germany

The project ALTE ZIMMEREI LONSEE of Komfortbau Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH is a 3-story, barrier-free residential building, constructed in ecological hybrid design (the solid building structure is enclosed by a highly thermally insulated layer of custom-made wooden facade elements). Due to the increased demand for apartments customized for individual personal needs, the number of apartments currently available is limited to three units.

Due to the fact that the stable foundation soil (marl and limestone) is only present at lower levels (approx. 5m below ground level), a deep foundation for the supporting structure is required. Thanks to the efficient and flexible installation, TRM Ductile Iron Piles were chosen for the foundation. A high production rate without material losses could be achieved, despite difficult piling conditions (due to existing boulders of different sizes). Sustainability played a significant role in the design of the project, therefore the use of TRM Ductile Driven Piles allowed the whole construction project to be more eco-friendly and to save CO2 emissions.

Tiroler Rohre GmbH is the first manufacturer of ductile iron and pile pipes to be certified with an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). This is our commitment to an increasingly relevant sustainability concept in the special civil engineering industry.



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Released: August, 2023