Piling Systems

South Africa

TRM pile systems conquer South Africa

In the summer of 2017 another project with our TRM piles was implemented in South Africa. This time it was about the foundation of 38 power pylons with a height of up to 60 m. Particularly challenging in this project were the extremely difficult soil conditions. From loose dune sand to superficially rocky ground, every foundation provided a new surprise.

For the realization of this foundation, our TRM 118 piles were used in jacket pressed version with DN 270 and pressed shoes. In order to guarantee the transmission of tensile forces of up to 600 kN, additional reinforcing bars with a diameter of DN 40 were installed.

Despite the difficult conditions on the construction site and the access to the construction site, we were able to finalize this project in the period September / October 2017 together with the resident developer ESKOM.

Fast. Simple. Safe.

Only a driven pile,
is a tested pile!

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