Trenchless Installation Method

Safety and speed

A great option in pipe construction

When building new pipe networks or renovating existing ones, conventional open pipe trenches in urban areas often push the limits of what is feasible. In order to avoid large-scale traffic obstructions in conurbations, trenchless pipe construction methods began to be developed 30 years ago.

Benefits of laying ductile iron pipes without trenches:

  • Very short assembly times
  • Enables small start and target pits
  • Single pipe installation means no elongated construction-site installation areas are necessary
  • Joints can be stressed immediately after assembly
  • Allows very high tensile forces compared to other materials for even better safety!
  • Tensile forces independent of temperature and pull-in time
  • ZMU-Austria offers protection against mechanical and chemical attacks
  • High ring and longitudinal rigidity ensures unlimited service life even in conditions with poor support
  • Shards of the old pipe material and stones are not a problem

Trenchless technologies, with VRS®-T restrained locking systems, cement-mortar coatings, sheet metal cones and sleeve protection, have a lot to offer for renewal or new installation.

  • Pipe relining (pulled or pushed)
  • Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)
  • Press-pull technique
  • Auxiliary pipe method
  • Burst lining
  • Ploughing and milling

3,100 tons of CO2 savings

by feeding the waste heat into the district heating network

Over 70 years

at the location Hall

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