Special applications

Special applications

It is always a challenge to find the right deep foundation solution for projects which are outside the box. For this projects you need a flexible and adjustable piling solution. Both goals are easy to achieve with our TRM Piling Systems. No matter if you want to secure a new pier, solar plants in the dessert or noise barriers along a live train track.


Building a jetty is challenging due to the distance to the mainland. The simple equipment makes it possible to use a barge, on which an excavator and the stored piles were located.

Project: Construction of a boat jetty - Slovenia

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Flood protection barriers

Flood protection barriers are becoming increasingly important due to the accumulation of storms. Inclined piles act against the horizontal forces.

Project: Flood protection - Austria

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Noise protection

Noise protection walls are long structures. The load is transferred via individual foundations (pile supports), which are connected by a retaining wall.

Project: Noise barriers for the Brenner railway line - Italy

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CSP – Concentrated Solar Power

Solar thermal power plants are usually lightweight structures that are exposed to high wind loads. The TRM ductile driven pile allows for tight installation tolerances of the foundation supports and provides the construction with the necessary protection.

Project: KaXu Solar One - South Africa

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Geothermal energy

Pile foundations can be used to generate geothermal energy by installing geothermal heat exchangers. The heat from the ground is used to generate cooling and heating energy.

Projekt: Expansion of logistics centre - Italy

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  • Cost-effective site equipment
  • Fast construction time
  • High driving capacity due to the Plug&Drive® connection system
  • Small space requirements
  • Low requirements for the working plane and access road
  • Very low CO2 footprint of the TRM pile system, confirmed by our EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)

3,100 tons of CO2 savings

by feeding the waste heat into the district heating network


Over 75 years

at the location Hall

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