Turbine Pipes

High pressures for clean energy

Clean and environmentally friendly energy from hydropower is becoming increasingly important in our society.


Turbine pipes are usually laid in extreme alpine terrain, and TRM pipe systems enable fast and safe installation even in rough terrain and in all weathers. The high operating pressures require a highly reliable pipe system. The excellent strength properties of our ductile iron pipes with VRS®-T connection guarantee that power-station pipes will continue to work without any problems for generations.

  • The VRS®-T restrained locking system absorbs settlement and slope movements and prevents the ingrowth of vegetation
  • Increased safety requirements – mechanical capabilities and margins of ductile iron
  • Operating pressures of up to 100 bar – pressure surge up to 120 bar
  • Earthquake-proof
  • Type testing up to 155 bar
  • Can be installed on steep slopes that are difficult to access
  • Optimized construction time, without the need for time-consuming welding, testing, subsequent surface treatment or keeping pipe trenches open. Simple installation and quick assembly
  • No expensive and costly concrete thrust blocks are required as fixed points for the VRS®-T restrained locking system

Our service

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3,100 tons of CO2 savings

by feeding the waste heat into the district heating network

Over 70 years

at the location Hall