Bridge Pipes

System solutions to meet all needs

Bridge pipes represent a special technical challenge.

The technical challenges of bridge structures include accounting for temperature-related length fluctuations and ensuring fast and safe drainage. As cast iron and concrete exhibit approximately equal linear expansion behavior, Tiroler Rohre GmbH pipe systems are ideally suited to these applications.

The following problems have to be taken into account when installing above-ground pipes on bridges:

  • Temperature-related length changes in the structure
  • Risk of the medium freezing in winter
  • Pipe and medium becoming too hot in summer
  • Pipe thrust blocks and fixed points are difficult to install

TRM uses its many years of experience to offer a wide range of solutions for complex problems:

  • Any changes in length can usually be compensated by sockets and fittings, e.g. U fittings to compensate for expansion
  • Special WKG (heat-insulated ductile iron pipes) coating for pipes at risk of frost
  • Special suspension systems for ductile iron pipes
  • Ductile iron pipes with VRS®-T joint for safe pipe operation
  • Only one support per pipe is required

3,100 tons of CO2 savings

by feeding the waste heat into the district heating network

Over 70 years

at the location Hall