Snow for Transylvania

The Buscat ski resort is located a good two hours from Alba and one hour from Cluj. At an altitude of 1676 metres above sea level, it offers a variety of slopes for all abilities and is particularly popular with the inhabitants of the Transylvania region, especially on weekends. In order to ensure constant snow reliability and to be able to better prepare the various slopes with artificial snow, the existing snow-making system was expanded in 2020. According to plans by the company Supersnow, snow pipes from Tiroler Rohre GmbH (TRM) were used. Pipes with the restrained locking system VRS-T in a nominal diameter of DN100 and PUR Longlife coating were installed over a length of 500 metres. The installation was done  by a local construction company in only ten days. The decision in favour of the TRM pipes was made because of the simplicity of the system. Another reason for choosing the Austrian pipes is their high pressure resistance. This guarantees maximum safety in the supply of the snow guns for many years.

Safe water supply.