Steamboat ski resort in Colorado becomes future-proof with TRM ductile iron pipes

Steamboat ski resort in Colorado becomes future-proof with TRM ductile iron pipes

In the early 2000’s, Steamboat was having leakage problems in steel snowmaking lines installed in 1981, because the pipe passed through areas containing complex utility systems in lower regions. In 2006 Steamboat decided to replace all steel piping on the Vogue trail.

A new piping system had to be found that would meet the high pressure requirements in all pipe sizes, thus ensuring better longevity and reducing costly repairs in the future. It also had to be easy and quick to install, especially in the steeper terrain of this runway. Furthermore, it should be flexible enough to accommodate the constraints in lower-lying areas caused by larger utility systems. Ultimately, environmental damage should also be minimised throughout the project region.

Steamboat management initiated a product research to review and evaluate other pipe systems that could improve the performance of the steel system. As part of this research, Steamboat contacted PNP Supply engineers to obtain more information about TRM VRS®-T system.  Based on this product research, Steamboat chose TRM ductile iron pipe system for several reasons.

A key criterion in the installation of pipelines in all alpine regions is the selection and use of materials that can protect ecosystems and best preserve the integrity and sustainability of natural resources. Ductile iron pipes from the Austrian company Tiroler Rohre GmbH (TRM) offer unique properties such as:

  • Ductile iron pipes are made from over 98% recyclable materials.
  • The execution of the connections does not require welding or open flames at any time during assembly/installation.
  • Much less force is required to assemble the connections and much smaller/lighter construction equipment is needed for installation.
  • Due to the simpler assembly and the smaller/lighter construction equipment, the installation can be carried out on a much smaller construction footprint. This reduces cleanup requirements.
  • Due to the simple assembly and the smaller/lighter construction equipment, the assembly/installation can be completed in a very short time.


The project involved laying a total of 5.4 km of pipes with a diameter between DN 80 and DN 300 and a pressure of up to 100 bar. Between 2011 and 2022, 27.5 km of high-pressure pipes were installed. For the pipes, Steamboat ski resort relied on the expertise of the Tyrolean family-owned company TRM. Alongside the high quality of the products, the other key factors included very good customer support, on-schedule deliveries, excellent availability and an extensive product range. TRM’s 30 years of experience as a pioneer in the snow-making sector added the finishing touch.

Safe water supply.


Released: May, 2023