We care for each other

Tiroler Rohre GmbH is very proud of beeing a family business. This not only means that the company is run by the owner family. It is also a mark for the Kloger family's respectful dealings with employees. The entrepreneurial family came up with something very special to show those employees another sign of this appreciation. In order to be able to offer optimal security in the current crisis, the Kloger family produced two protective masks for each employee of the company. Over 400 protective masks with the appropriate imprint "We care for each other" were handcrafted in one weekend and distributed to the employees directly in the factory or by post. In the wake of the Corona crisis, many companies in Austria were hit hard. Fortunately, Tiroler Rohre GmbH is able to continue to produce and deliver despite the crisis. The stocks are well filled. The employees have a large part in this, in the factory in production or in administration via teleworking.