Kellerjochbahn is expanding

Kellerjochbahn in Schwaz is expanding and widen its range. In various steps, investments are made in a new children's area, a service station, a ski depot, a natural toboggan run and a comprehensive snow-making system. Work on the new children's area began in 2016. Snow lines from Tiroler Rohr GmbH with nominal diameters from DN80 to DN200 were laid there over a length of 1300 meters. At that time, the work was carried out by Koppensteiner. The big construction offensive was then started in 2019. Over a length of 1940 meters, field pipes and pond pipes were laid in nominal diameters DN80 to DN400, a storage pond was created and a pump house was built. The Strabag installed the pipes here. For 2020, it is also planned to lay new snow pipes with a nominal diameter of DN80 to DN250 in the upper section over a length of 1400 meters. The decision in favor of Tiroler Rohr GmbH was made because of the proximity to the plant. Missing parts can be picked up directly. The company also scores at its customers through the service it offers, such as delivery by crane truck to the place of use or the return of parts. The team of Kellerjochbahn was able to get a picture of the high level of professionalism of Tiroler Rohr GmbH during a visit to the factory.

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