Replacement of the drinking water pipeline

Replacement of the drinking water pipeline in the Salzburg municipality of Ebenau. Construction programme 2021 - 2023.

In the municipality of Ebenau (district of Salzburg Land), the infrastructure facilities were renewed in 2022 in the course of the redesign of the main square. In order to make the water supply system fit for the future, the drinking water pipeline, which was getting on in years, was also replaced. The high-quality recycled product made of ductile iron from TRM was chosen. The synergy effect in particular made this decision special in terms of recycling management. The municipality of Ebenau collects scrap iron - TRM in turn processes this material into drinking water pipes. The new drinking water pipeline comprises approx. 600 running metres of TRM cast iron pipe in the dimensions DN 80 and DN 100. In the past years, approx. 1,500 running metres of TRM iron pipe were laid for new drinking water pipelines in Ebenau.

The entire project is attributed to the "Guter Grund" initiative, which places special emphasis on local/regional partnership. In addition to regionality, sustainability and durability, the focus here is also on strengthening regional economic cycles. For example, products from the Austrian family-owned company Hawle were used for the fittings. Hawle and TRM have been a strong team for the implementation of water supply systems for years.

Hannes Fürstaller, mayor of Ebenau, is convinced of the quality of the TRM pipe system and recommends the company to others, not least because of the partnership-based and reliable service.

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